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G20 Indonesia Meeting Discusses Metaverse Technology Development

BALI - The G20 Indonesia presidency raised several technology topics, one of which was crypto assets and the metaverse. One of the metaverse technologies featured in the G20 Indonesia Presidency is RealityChain.

At the Indonesian Digital Economy Festival (FEKDI) G20 Indonesia, RealityChain through had the opportunity to show off and meet other industry representatives at the international cooperation event of the country with the world's largest economy the G20 Presidency.

RealityChain Team with Deputy Director of Bank Indonesia

RealityChain CEO Adam Ardisasmita said that RealityChain has further developed steps forward to create economic value from its innovations.

"Economic potential in RealityChain alone can reach USD 1 million per month. If we look at transactions in NEAR, which can reach USD 6 million per month, this figure still makes sense," said Adam on Saturday (16/7/2022).

This target can be achieved, he continued; the condition is that metaverse developers cannot run alone; they must be able to collaborate. According to Adam, the presence in the G20 Presidency allows business people to meet each other and establish potential future collaborations.

"There are many representatives of each industry entrusted by Bank Indonesia here, ranging from games, literature and derivatives, crafts, souvenirs, merchandise, to processed foods and beverages. We have the opportunity to network and build collaborations," explained Adam.

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