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RealityChain Holds Inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week in Collaboration with Lacrove

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We’re happy to announce that Realitychain is partnering with Lacrove; one of the pioneers of digital fashion in Indonesia is going to hold the metaverse fashion week on our metaverse, 2DVerse. The event, titled Indonesia Digital Fashion Week 2022 (IDFW 2022) will introduce digital fashion, its application, and the problems they're trying to minimize in the fashion industry.

“We wanted to introduce an alternative to clothing that offers an endless variety of styles and materials. Lacrove believes that with a touch of technology, innovation in the fashion industry can grow in an inclusive and non-destructive way” explains Roby Emerje, CEO of Lacrove

In IDFW 2022, Lacrove will also be educating about cryptocurrency, NFT, Fashion Brand, and digital fashion. This event will also be attended by famous designers in digital fashion, influencers, and NFT collectors.

In terms of its own economic value, Lacrove and Realitychain believe the metaverse has enormous potential, considering that an event can be attended by internet users around the world.

"The economic potential in Reality Chain alone can reach $1 million dollars per month. If we look at transactions at NEAR which can reach $6 million dollars per month, this figure is still reasonable, as long as collaboration with various industries is carried out continuously," Adam Ardisasmita, CEO of Reality Chain, gives the prediction. He is increasingly optimistic about collaborations in the fashion world with the comparison to the success story of Adidas which earned 22 million dollars from NFT sales. Balenciaga, Burberry, and Prada have also begun to take similar steps.

There’s a lot to prepare for the event, and the team at Realitychain is committed to creating the best experience in the metaverses for IDFW 2022. See you there!

The event time will be announced later. For more information please follow Lacrove’s website at or their Instagram @LacroveNFT.


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