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Realitychain Development Update Log 5

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Development Update 5. We have some updates on the development side of Realitychain.

First, let’s talk about the latest updates on the 2DVerse engine. On 2DVerse we’ve added some much-needed features to the engine including:

  • Coordinate Share

We adding the Coordinate Share feature to make meeting up in 2DVerse easier. By sharing the location link you can make other players instantly spawn at the exact location you intended. This feature can be used to share your personal space, interesting points in the world, event location, etc.

  • Emoticon

To add hype and excitement to the 2DVerse, we added plenty of emoticons for users to express their feeling in chat. Also, we added animation to make the emoticon more expressive.

  • UI/UX Update

We updated the UI/UX to complete all features added in this build.

  • Bug Fix

As always, we’re fixing some bugs found in the development process.

On the 3DVerse side, we’re still working on the basics such as World Movement and Personal space customization. Also, we have new footage to show you!

And that’s all some major updates we’ve done in this sprint. Thanks for reading this development log. Stay tuned for more updates. See ya!

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