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RealityChain Development Update November 2022

GM everyone!

It’s been a while since we wrote and updated our development blog. We have some event and development updates to tell. Let’s dive in!

Metaverse Music Festival

For the launch of, we held a music festival titled Metaverse Music Festival on 5th September 2022 to celebrate the migration of the metaverse from the testnet to the mainnet. Some of the performers are:

Here are some highlights of the event:

Development Update

  • Quick start guide

Now every RealityChain metaverse has a quick start guide every time it’s started to help new users interact with it.

  • Hide HUD (Photo mode)

You can now activate/deactivate HUD/UI to help create a cleaner screen for taking screenshots.

  • Decorated spawn point

Metaverse owners can now assign custom plots of land as the default spawn point, complete with decoration to give the best first impression to new users.

  • Blacklist feature

Non-anon users can now blacklist another user’s wallet address or specific NFT to filter out what content they choose to appear on their screen.

  • Updated Wiki

We regularly update our Wiki to provide everyone with comprehensive information about RealityChain. Access it here:

Now we provide artists or all users with Previewer tools to test their utility NFT creations, to see how their creations, such as avatar parts, interior items, decor, etc., work in our engine without needing to mint their creations and avoid a costly mistake.

Coming Soon

  • Android APK

Based on many feedback, we are now developing an app to access all of RealitChain’s partner metaverses. This app was created based on the report on engine limitations that makes the mobile web version unstable.

Note: You still need to log in on your PC first to access the full version of the app.

Thank you so much for reading this development blog. We hope you enjoy using our metaverse engine and look forward to future improvements and events. See you later!

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Jerimy Walker
Jerimy Walker
Apr 25, 2023

Hi! You have created a good game, I think it will find its audience. But I want to ask you about the video that you had in the article. I also want to make a small trailer for my little project. Which app should I choose for this? Will it fit ?

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