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Realitychain Development Update Log 2

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Hi everyone, welcome back to another update log. In log 2 we’re going to inform you of some improvements to the 2DVerse Engine and some news on the 3DVerse Engine.

2DVerse Engine Update

  • Audio Only Twitch Stream

We’re enabling the option to embed audio-only Twitch streams for everyone who only wants to insert stream without the visual.

Audio-only stream option

  • Avatar/Player Profile Menu

In our new Profile menu, besides editing your avatar you can also show more information about your account, cosmetics NFT you own, and write your greetings others can read.

New Edit Avatar Menu

  • UI/UX Polish and Improvement

We’ve made some adjustments and polished the UI/UX to create a better experience while using Realitychain.

  • Yes/No button change in Edit Building state

Added confirmation button when you are done placing an object in edit building mode.

  • Bug Fix

Another build another bug to deal with, and we’re done fixing some of it!

3DVerse Engine News

If you don’t know RealityChain is not only a 2D metaverse Engine but we’re developing a more “immersive” metaverse in a 3D plane, called 3DVerse Engine. Right now we’re in the phase of early development, and we’re happy with the process so far, thanks to our talented crew who works hard and passionately doing two engines simultaneously.

Here is some footage of our work in progress:

That’s it for this update. Do you have any features wanted o to be added to Realitychain? Let us know by commenting below!

Thanks for reading this development update, see you later in the next update!

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