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Realitychain Development Update Log 4

Hello everyone! Welcome to another update about Realitychain development! In this blog, we’re going to talk about our latest concert event: Mocca Love Fest 2022!

You can watch the summary of the event here:

We’re happy to report, that the event is a big success thanks to hard work from everyone involved!

Now, what we as the development team learn from this event:

1. Metaverse optimization

Before this event, we have done a couple of events in Realitychain 2DVerse, but the scale was not as big as Mocca Love Fest 2022. In this event, based on our analytic data, we have 100+ users visiting the world simultaneously, the biggest as far as the development of Realitychain.

We expected to reach this kind of number based on the popularity of Mocca. So, a lot of preparation needs to be done before the event started. We optimized the metaverse and upgraded the server so it can handle a lot of people online at the same time while minimizing users kicked out from the server.

2. Custom gamification and assets

For this event, we develop a custom mini-game and decoration, based on the theme of the event and the history and discography of Mocca.

In the mini-game called Heart Catcher, users can catch a certain number of hearts randomly scattered around the world per day. At the end of the event, we counted the total number of heart users caught, and users with the most heart can win prizes from Mocca. The heart users caught also serve in the concert like a firework that can be activated by the world admin or staff to create a more festive experience.

Watch the heart firework:

On the visual, based on Mocca’s request to create the theme of the band’s growing up from their past colorful phase, we designed the world’s visuals to have a vintage aesthetic while also honoring their past discography and history.

Here are some examples of it:

3. Becoming Event Organizer, sort of

Most of us in the Realtiychain team is developer; programmer, artist, designer, etc, and do not have experience organizing an event, especially a concert at this scale. Managing the event with Mocca, and holding a press conference with media for this event is a relatively new learning experience for us, especially with a short amount of preparation time. Fortunately, the event is a relative success. But, as always there are plenty of things to improve.

4. Squishing the bug and improve

Because the event is public for the masses especially fans of Mocca, we need to trim most of the critical bugs we found in the process of the development, also we’re working hard to make sure the UI/UX is in a good shape.

Thank you for reading this blog, and we would like to thank our partner, press, and of course, everyone who attended the Mocca love fest concert, without your support the event would never have been as successful.

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