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Realitychain Development Update Log 3

Hello, welcome back to another Realitychain Development Log. Because we’re working on 2 types of engines, to minimize confusion and make it simple, from this log moving forward, we’ll restart the numbering as development Log 3. Now that we're on the same page, let’s move on to the development log!

2DVerse Engine v0.9.8

In this update, we're mostly improving our UX/UI, but we have upcoming exciting features we really want to show you.

Let’s start with the new features first, and it’s Mini-Games! We’re developing a mini-games prototype for the upcoming concert that will be held in Realitychain, stay tuned for more details about the event.

Here is some of the development footage of the mini-game*:

Once again, stay tuned to our social media for more details about the event.

UI/UX Improvements

We improve some aspects of the building process to make it more user-friendly.

1. Moving some personal space features to Hamburger Menu

Some features moved to the hamburger menu to simplify the process of importing stuff.

2. Confirmation popup after clicking Remove Button

Added confirmation popup to make sure user did not unintentionally delete their entire editing progress.

3. Warning popup text for wall decoration

Added warning popup text to give hints of the right placement of decoration.

4. Insert NFT Button update

5. Build Icon update

6. Utility items interaction update

Other Updates:

Bug fixes

That’s it for this update. Do you have any features wanted o to be added to Realitychain? Let us know by commenting below!

Thanks for reading this development update, see you later in the next update!

*mini-game footage is not final and might change in the final product

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